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Today’s post is an interesting twist on an idea we’ve seen before brought to us by Melissa from Rolling with the Magic. You don’t have to pick a favorite … I mean, maybe we can make them BOTH happen?? 


I think to understand my idea you first need to understand my thought process. As I was trying to decide what attraction I would love to see I began with where I would want something. The first land that popped into my head was Tomorrowland. It’s the area of the Magic Kingdom that we spend the least amount of time and the area that I would most like to see some love and changes.

So that lead me to the song that’s in Iron Man 2, Make Way for Tomorrow. When I first saw that movie Howard Stark reminded me of Walt and the song felt like it could have been something he would have liked. To me Tomorrowland should be an idealized version of what Walt and others thought the future could be. It should be a land that showcases that hope for the future, has a little of the Epcot edutainment that I love thrown in, and also adds in some fun.

Stark Expo

I think adding the Stark Expo would be the perfect starting point. It’s obviously a nod to the World’s Fair where Disney, as we all know, made an impression. The scale couldn’t be as large as it is in the film but it but it could work even as just one building like Innoventions in Disneyland.

Disneyland Innoventions

Inside you would find exhibits that could both educate and inspire. In a time where space travel is possible but our space program really isn’t going any where, I would love to see kids dreaming about the stars again. You could have exhibits highlighting what would would have seen at the Stark Expo in 1974 but also feature a vision for the future. I think knowing where we’ve been and what earlier generations dreamed of would inspire the dreamers of the future.

As part of the retro aspect of the exhibit move Carousel of Progress and give it some of the love it needs. Update the scenes and animatronics. Make the final scene a future we still dream about or what we would have thought the year 2000 would look like in the 60s.

Iron Man

And since it is the Stark Expo you obviously need an Iron Man exhibit. I love how the Iron Man suits are displayed in Disneyland. That combined with a presentation about the tech behind the suit and a meet and greet would be perfect. I know that it’s unlikely that we’ll see any Marvel properties in the Orlando parks anytime soon but a girl can dream can’t she. 🙂

Are you ready for better living through technology? Join Melissa and I in line for Stark Expo!

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