Imagineering Awesome: 2015 Kickoff & Magical Unbirthdays

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Welcome to YEAR THREE of the bestest, coolest and definitely most awesomest summer series on Mouse on the Mind … Imagineering Awesome!

Inspired by countless sessions of armchair Imagineering with friends, I reached out to some of my fellow bloggers, vloggers and podcasters and invited them to answer one question: If you had unlimited monies, what would you want to see in a Disney Park? What they’ve come up with is totally awesome, and I can’t wait to share their inspiration with you throughout the month of July!  

To get this series started right, I’m kicking off today with an idea of my own … 


Tables in Wonderland is great. In addition to the Food and Wine sneak peeks and the discounted drinks, Tables, in my mind, is about fun, food-centric events that are really unique. Like the time Dan ate in the Great Movie Ride. Or the time we were able to eat at one of the farms where Disney gets its produce. But what about not-food events?

That’s what led me to imagineer a new series of special in-Park events that include staying overnight, maybe as part of Adventures by Disney. Each event would be offered at least twice, with one evening being family-friendly, while the other is for adults-only (because sometimes we all want to have child-free fun, amirite?). Most of these events would be extremely small and exclusive, with 5-10 guests. And keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme, I’d call it Magical Unbirthdays.

To give you a better idea of what I’m imagining, check out these three ideas:

Tom Sawyer Under the Stars – Your adventure begins at sunset as you step onto the Liberty Belle for a slow cruise around the Rivers of America. You’ll sip mint juleps and snack on hush puppies and mini-catfish appetizers, getting to know your fellow guests as you await the main event: Wishes. Then, as the rest of the Park guests begin to filter out, you’ll head to Tom Sawyer Island, where you’ll hunker down in tents and sleeping bags for the night. Enjoy the atmosphere … but get a good night’s sleep because the next day starts early, with a sunrise breakfast buffet on the bridge between Liberty Square and the Hub, where you can watch the sun come up over Tomorrowland and the Castle.

Beauty and the Beast Live (Disney Parks Blog)

Beauty and the Sleeping Bag – Get ready for the biggest slumber party in Disney World history! After entering Be Our Guest Restaurant to much fanfare and photo ops with your favorite Beauty and the Beast characters, you’ll settle into your sleeping bag with popcorn, Mickey bars and other treats for an exclusive viewing of the animated classic, projected on a giant screen in the restaurant’s Ballroom. After the film (and maybe a surprise sing-a-long with Belle herself?), you’ll slip into a deep, comfortable slumber. The next morning, head down the mountain to enjoy breakfast with the commoners at Gaston’s Tavern.

It’s Tough To Be A S’more—The event starts as you walk the paths around the Tree Of Life, meeting Safari-outfitted Disney characters along the way. Once you’re in the Tree, you’ll enjoy a screening of the latest Disney/Pixar release. After the film, you’ll will retire to the theatre atrium for s’mores and camp”fire” stories before snuggling up in your sleeping bag for the night. Breakfast will be served in the Flame Tree seating area, where some guests will enjoy tranquil fountains while others get a great view of the sun coming up over Everest.

Fun, yea? I imagine awesome events in the Imagination Pavilion, in the Universe of Energy Pavilion and the Great Movie Ride, too. I mean, the possibilities are pretty endless.

Where would you like to spend the night in a Disney Park? Sound off in the comments below. 

Have an idea for an AWESOME Disney attraction of your own? Submit YOUR pitch to by July 5, and we’ll share it with the world!

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