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Today’s post comes to us from the brilliant mind of Jamie Brantner of the Disney Hipster Podcast. Her post was the first submission I read this year, and it totally fired me up for the rest of this series. I hope it does the same for you.

Hi there! It’s Disney Hipster Jamie! I am super excited to answer this question for my friend Melissa. So, if I was given the reigns and got to be an Imagineer with no budgeting restraints, what would I do? I know what you are thinking. No, I’m not choosing my favorite movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean Captain Jack Sparrow is dreamy and all, but I have another vision.

I would build a mini Frozenland in New Fantasyland! (BTW, when can we stop calling it new?) Yes, Elsa and Anna all the way. This movie made a bazillion dollars, and definitely deserves more than just a Princess Meet and Greet.

I think their current Meet and Greet crowd levels speak volumes. If people are willing to wait up to five hours in line in the hot Floridian sun to see just two of them, then they certainly want more Frozen in their lives (aka Parks). Heck, even the Frozen merchandise stocked in the Emporium flies off the shelves the moment it’s received. Fans would lose their minds!

So where would I put this “mini” land since the New Fantasyland expansion has already taken a big chunk out of the Park’s footprint, you ask? I would get rid of Tomorrowland Speedway. Yep, that’s right. I said it. Out loud.

That ride is in dire need for a rehab, and quite honestly with today’s technology, they really should be using more energy efficient and more futuristic looking cars. Plus, I find it silly (I’m partial to Disneyland’s Autopia anyway). If I wipe out that ride, it will leave me with enough of room to execute my totally amazing Frozenland idea.

First, we will start with a marvelous dark ride. We will be able to ride on Kristoff’s sled led by his fun reindeer BFF, Sven. We would journey with Anna as she travels to the ice castle to speak some sense into her icy sister, Elsa.

Imagineering Awesome - Frozen Sleigh Ride

Think about this: The ride would be temperature controlled, and it would be totally frigid in there. What a nice relief from the blazing hot sun! We would be made to feel that we are with Anna and Kristoff, riding through the chilly and wintery forest.

In addition, snow would dispense on you when you finally reach the ice castle. It would truly make you feel as if you are riding along in their winter wonderland! The ride would end with a sing along of “Let It Go.” Obvy.

Secondly, I would have ice cream parlor. Yes, ice cream would be the perfect treat to accompany the Frozen theme. This place would be called “Olaf’s Perfect Summer Get-A-Away.” However, it wouldn’t be just an ice cream parlor. This would be an ice cream social. (Anyone remembers the ice cream social many years ago at Garden Grill?)

You would be able to meet all of the movie’s troll favorites: Pabbie, Bulda and Cliff. You would sit on chairs that are shaped like rocks. The tables would be tree shaped (somehow). The whole restaurant would be themed after the wintery forest where the trolls live in their weird pattern that reminds me of aliens. The guest of honor would of course be OLAF himself!

There would be several types of ice cream that are all of course Frozen themed. The main event would be the ability to build your own OLAF SUNDAES! That’s right; build your own Olaf sundae, complete with gummy carrot noses. This place will be sold out for months. I now wish I could win the Mega-Millions so I could make this happen myself.

Imagineering Awesome - Olaf Sundaes

Next, there would be a Marshmallow (the Snow Monster) Meet and Greet. You would meet him inside an Ice Castle-themed area. Talk about waits: This line will be the #1 Meet and Greet on property! However, he would not do autographs. By stopping this ridiculous ritual, it would assist with keeping the lines continuously moving. Kids would look like tiny marshmallows next to him since he would be the tallest character ever.

Imagineering Awesome - Marshmallow

Lastly, there would be a gift shop named “Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna,” of course named after the general store that Anna visits on her way up to the mountain. Sure, it will have exclusive Frozen merchandise, winter-themed items (Olaf gloves!), build your own Olaf (Mr. Potato Head-style toys) and Frozen character themed Mickey ears.

In addition, it will have a rotating limited edition Sven stuffed animal. Sven would wear different outfits (kinda like Duffy, but WAY better) as the seasons change. Having these limited collections will keep all of my Florida friends as happy as Sven is when he finally gets a carrot.

So that’s my vision. I really hope you liked it. It has a little something for everyone. It may not be as sexy as my Captain Jack’s bar and pole dancing depot, but it’s surely something special. Frozen has already been labeled as an instant classic, and I don’t disagree. Heck, it’s the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Let’s give it the credit it deserves. For all of you that feel otherwise, just Let It Go.

So what do you think? Would you visit Frozenland? Let us know in the comments. And if you loved Jamie’s idea, let her know!  

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