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Today’s post was submitted by Keith, who talks shit on the Disney Hipster Podcast. I say “submitted” and not “written” because … well, it seems to be a Wikipedia entry from the future. You’ll see what I mean: 


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Disney’s All-Star Music DVC Resort was the first value resort to join Walt Disney World’s seemingly ever-expanding Disney Vacation Club (DVC). It welcomed its first guests in the autumn of 2018, replacing the original All-Star Music resort, which opened in 1994. The resort is located on the southern portion of the Walt Disney World Resort property near Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is a 1,426-room hotel featuring five separate buildings that pay homage to iconic composers. As is characteristic with all Disney Value resorts, the resort features a music theme with giant novelty items such as Jack Skellington, a spoonful of sugar, and Quasimodo. The resort is designated in the Florida Green Lodging Program. Nobody knows what that means.

Resort History
Once Disney ran out of deluxe resorts to add DVC wings to, someone (Iger, probs) had the bizarre idea to begin transforming the value resorts into DVC resorts. In the summer of 2015, Disney ceased to accept future reservations for the All-Star Music resort with the intention of shuttering it in the spring of 2016. The plan was to move those with existing reservations that extended beyond April to the other two All-Star resorts. Unfortunately, Disney did not account for the squatters that had taken up temporary residency (mostly in the jazz building), so they weren’t able to begin razing/renovating the resort until late 2016. Due to how poorly the original construction was it only took eleven and a half days to level the whole area, so in the end it all evened out. The architect of the refurb was some guy and his dad (his name may have been Hank or…I wanna say Stan? Yeah, Stan sounds right). Disney DVC began accepting down payments for The All-Star Music resort on Christmas day 2016. That year’s televised Christmas parade was literally a 120 minute commercial for the newest entry into the vacation club. They completely sold out by dinnertime that same day.


  • Merry Melodies Hall– the main building that houses the front desk and Guest Services, the Reprise Food Court (featuring a Reprise Brewing Taproom), gameroom and the gift shop named Dollar Tree (It’s really just a regular dollar store – it is still a value resort after all).

The resort consists of ten individual buildings, divided into five pairs. Each building is three stories tall and the rooms all open to the exterior hallways. The buildings have exterior and interior decor to match their names. The music theme extends to the wallpaper, pictures, and bedspreads in the guest rooms. Each pair is dedicated to a composer(s) who has played an important part in Disney’s cinematic history and features their musical contributions piped into the elevators and hallways and stairwells and pools and, well, you get the point :

The Sherman –The exterior of the building and the common areas are themed towards Mary Poppins, and it features rooms dedicated to It’s A Small World, Carousel of Progress, Journey Into Imagination, and The Enchanted Tiki Room.

The Menken – The exterior of the building and the common areas are themed towards Hunchback of Notre Dame, and it features rooms dedicated to Hercules, Aladdin, Home On The Range, and Mirror, Mirror (SHUT UP I KNOW IT IS NOT DISNEY).

The Elfman –The exterior of the building and the common areas are themed towards The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it features rooms dedicated to Dick Tracy, Flubber, Frankenweenie, and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

The Giacchino – The exterior of the building and the common areas are themed towards Ratatouille, and it features rooms dedicated to Up, John Carter, Space Mountain, and Toy Story of Terror!

Menzel – God damn it of course there is a Frozen section I mean face it are you even a little bit surprised? There is a big dumb Olaf by the pool and all the common areas just have Let It Go playing over and over and over. All the rooms are really really cold. It’s by far the most popular section.

Literally none. Remember, it is a value resort.

You can run around or “jog” wherever there is open space. Again – value resort. There is also sometimes a stray basketball lying around that you are welcome to dribble.

Game Room
There is an old storage closet we put a bunch of benches in. You can sit there and play Tsum Tsum on your phone.


Disney transportation
Disney’s All-Star Resorts are connected via bus to the various theme parks and activities located throughout the resort complex. There will be 40 in the morning going to each park every 15 minutes. There will be 2 returning to the resort in the evening every hour.


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