Imagineering Awesome: Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful

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Today’s post is utterly genius, and it was written by the sweetest set of Disney BFFs I know: Karen and Davina of The Best Friends Guide. After reading this, I came to two decisions. First, I need to vacation with these two. They do it RIGHT. And second, Disney needs to make this a thing. For real. 


We must admit, we are a little jealous of the girls who get their bibbidi bobbidi boutique treatments. I mean, who wouldn’t want their hair styled by a fairy godmother while being showered with sparkles—ahem, excuse me, I mean “pixie dust”. Karen and I have always dreamt of a make-over at the castle. But while we are dreaming, why not go a little bigger and make it adult friendly?

Let’s talk logistics. We have always wanted to be treated like princesses. With our fantasy adult version of the BBB, you can. All services are under a half-hour and located within the castle walls—separate from the kids section of course.

Our fantasy menu of services includes — but are not limited to:

The Cinderella Package: You’ve been walking all day. Rock those glass slippers and get your feet treated with our princess polish change (complete with glass slipper nail art) and gentle foot massage. Follow up with a glass of champagne—-delivered by Major Duomo of course.

The Princess Up-do: Florida humidity killing your hair? Select from a number of princess-themed braids and up-dos.

• The Jasmine: Get the perfect pony with an extension. Matched to your color.
• The Elsa: side-braids for days.
• The Snow White: Perfect for shorter hair, choose from a wide array of hair bands

Nap Like a Beauty: Aurora may have had no choice in her extended nap, but sometimes it feels good to close your eyes. Lay back, close your eyes and let the fairy godmothers massage your neck and head. Follow with a cup of tea in the relaxation suite.

The Prince Charming: Men need pampering too and this 20 minute neck and head massage may be just what he needed after lugging the carriage on and off the Disney buses all day.

Finish up any treatment with a visit from the fairy godmother for your pixie dust — photo included in all packages.

Where are the kids you ask? Well preferably with your partner in crime waiting to get on the Mine Train. But if they are with you, don’t worry, the fairy godmother is there to watch them. Check them into the BBB kids club (only open to those getting a service) where your little ones can have a snack, watch a cartoon, and chill out for a sec. Lets be real, all families need a break from each other every now and again.

We like to think of this as an escape rather than a spa. Our adult BBB extends beyond the full spa services offered on property and is not designed to compete with a traditional salon. This quick-service Princess themed experience is meant to pamper and refresh the park weary all while under the watchful eye of The Fairy Godmother.

Oh, and we almost forgot, guess who is working the door?

Karen, Davina and the Step Sisters

I’m ready for my pixie dust! Are you? 

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