Imagineering Awesome: All That Land

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Today’s post is from Falon Ballard of Disney Mom Blog.  I very fondly remember (and frequently celebrate) the golden era of Disney-in-my-lifetime, so Falon’s idea is all that and a bag of chips! Now, I’m gonna bounce, but I leave you in Falon’s very capable hands … 


Alright Disney fans, I hope you’re ready for a trip back in time, back to the golden age of Disney filmmaking.  What decade are we visiting, do you ask?  The 1940’s?  The 1950’s?  Awesome movies, but no.  Today, we are going back in time to the 1990’s.  The Golden Age of Disney Movies (if you ask me, and you sort of did).

So what do you think?  A ride based on the 1990’s?  How about a restaurant or a show?  How about all of the above?  In today’s Imagineering Awesome, we will be exploring an entire land of 1990’s Disney, which will be conveniently located (for me) as a new part of California Adventure.  I call it All That Land…okay, I’m still working on the name.  If you don’t think it’s fly, I’ll be all as if, whatever, you buggin’.  Talk to the hand.

I’m done.  Promise.  Let’s get to the good stuff as we explore the Nineties!

Fast-Magic-Carpet-from-AladdinFreewheeling: A Magic Carpet Coaster–Climb aboard your very own magic carpet and soar through the skies with Aladdin and Abu.  This thrill ride would combine the traditional roller coaster (think California Screamin’) with 3D elements and projection (a la Star Tours).

Just Around the River Bend–Join Pocahontas on a sail through the beautiful waters of America.  This ride would be all about the scenery–and a little adventure.  Think Grizzly River Run without the unfortunate aspect of getting absolutely drenched every. single. time.

Toy Story Midway Mania–Okay, this ride already exists, but it is so awesome, it doesn’t need to be changed, just relocated to All That Land as is.

Hercules Stage Show and Sing Along–I’m open to name suggestions here. Preferably something sassy.  We all know the Muses are the best part of Hercules, so join them as they take you through Greece and the story of Hercules.  Everyone is welcome to sing along!


Mulan’s Chicks Rule Fight Training–Join Mulan and some of her pals as they take kids of all ages through some very basic army training (no combat or anything crazy where kids get hurt and we get sued).  Boys are welcome too!

Mighty Ducks Hockey Rink–Strap on some skates and try your hand at a Fulton-style slapshot.  Team up with some friends and make your own Flying V.  Or if you are really brave, step into the goal and take some shots like Goldberg.

Be Our Guest Restaurant–I know this already exists too.  But we don’t have it here on the West Coast and that makes me kind of bitter.  How will I ever know if the gray stuff is truly delicious?

The final piece of All That Land is also something that is already in existence.  However, it was taken from us long ago, and we need it back.  The true highlight of All That Land is…

The Lion King Parade.  No further explanation needed.

Basically All That Land is going to be the most awesome land that Disney has ever created.  Some might even say it’s da bomb.  If you don’t agree, you can just take a chill pill.  I’m outtie.

Isn’t this the fly-est take on a 90s-themed Land you’ve ever heard? Sound off in the comment below.

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