Imagineering Awesome: A Galaxy Far Far Away

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Today’s post takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, and it was written by the absolutely cute-as-a-button Emma from A Pinch of Pixie Dust. She’ll be off looking for some Droids while you enjoy this trip into hypothetical hyperspace. 


I’m travelling into a Disney Snob daydream today thanks to Melissa’s fabulous Imagineering Awesome series…

If I were an all-powerful Imagineer, able to command whatever Walt Disney World construction I chose, what would I create?  Restaurant, ride…no wait, RESORT.  Definitely a new resort.  I do love Art of Animation, but that was the leftover buildings from Pop Century.  It feels like ages since Disney gave us a new hotel, and they have all that space!

Now for a theme…I can’t resist it now that Disney’s got the rights…I want a STAR WARS resort.


defense turret from HothI can see it now…I pull up to a gate that looks like a defense turret from Hoth, and instead of “Welcome Home,” I hear: “May the force be with you.”  I assure the guard these aren’t the droids he’s looking for, and he doesn’t need to see my identification.  But he’ll probably insist on it anyway – I need to brush up on my Jedi mind tricks.

I would approach the resort to discover the entire Star Wars galaxy rising up before me.  I want a different building for all the iconic planets and places.  You could be staying in a Ewok village.  Or you might find yourself pacing down a city corridor on Coruscant to get to your room, with the sounds of space ships zipping past.  I want some epic, immersive special effects – maybe giant screens made to look like windows to make you really feel like you’re in the spaces from the movies.

Bib FortunaCAN YOU IMAGINE THE CAST MEMBER COSTUMES?  I can, and I’m geeking out already.  Instead of a door greeter, we could have storm troopers.  Or an Imperial officer.  Or if we’re going with a Tatooine theme, it could be Bib Fortuna, that creepy guy from Jabba’s Palace.

I think we should save Tatooine for the food court though.  Because we all know Disney is going to build a Mos Eisley Cantina somewhere sometime soon.  There could be a live Alien band.  No droids allowed though, of course.  I would also not say no to a table service restaurant with a year-round character meal, like the ones they’ve been doing at Star Wars Weekends.

Yoda's hut on Dagobah

For the pool I’m tempted by the Gungans, but I’m thinking more Dagobah.  The slide could be going down the side of Luke’s crashed x-wing.  They would just have to make sure no would-be Jedis try to (excuse me, not try, do or do not) lift it out of the swamp.  The playground could be Yoda’s hut.

My brothers, all big Star Wars fans, are now hanging over my shoulder with suggestions.

 The check-in area could be Cloud City.  Then all the cast members could say, ‘You truly belong with us here in the clouds.’

No, the main building would obviously have to be the Death Star.

But make sure it has big windows like on an Imperial star destroyer.

There need to be lightsabers somewhere, but they have to be things the kids can’t hit each other with.

What about the lights in the bathroom? And they could make the noise when you turn them on!

All the trash cans could make trash compactor noises and have little audioanimatronic snakes and creatures that pop up occasionally.

Are you going to stay old school or can we have pod racers?

The more I think about this the more I want it to happen.  I know there have been rumors of a Star Wars land in one of the Parks, but if you had the choice of just visiting Naboo or actually staying there…well, I know which I’d pick. 🙂

Wanna come visit? Fire up your star skiff, and we’ll meet you there! 


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