I’m Getting a MagicBand: And Holiday Decor

Right now, I have three MagicBands. Two green and one orange.In fact, one of the green ones is part of a holiday themed set that At Disney Again and I made for our post-NYE weekend:

Holiday-themed Magic Bands (AtDisneyAgain)

By the end of January, I’ll actually have six Bands, and between At Disney Again and I, we’re going to have a total of 13.

That’s a lot of MagicBands. And they’ve led to lots of conversations about what the heck we’re going to DO with all of them.

There’s the obvious answer: wear them for fun. Which is super dorky. But I suppose we could decorate them, make them pretty. But … meh.

Then, while we were decorating our adorable Charlie Brown tree, we joked about–next year–making a garland from our Bands for our first full-sized tree. Because how cute would that be?!

Imagine our surprise when Twitter-user VPaini posted a photo of his own holiday MagicBand garland:

MagicBand Tree (@vpaini)

Which made me wonder: how are you using your MagicBands? Tell us about it in the comments or tweet a photo at @MouseontheMind.

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