I’m Getting A Magic Band: But It’s Usefulness Expires

Oh, Magic Bands … you continue to delight and frustrate me.

I am starting to rely on my Magic Band. Three years into its life, and I have to say: The charging functionality is finally working 95% of the time, and I really like the convenience of not having to pull out my credit card or iPhone to pay for things. The Magic Band really does make things easier. (EASIER THAN APPLE PAY!)

Disney Magic Band

But like I said, the usefulness expires. Once your hotel stay is over, your Band still works as ticket media but it no longer has charging privileges. To an extent, I get it: You’re technically charging things “to the room” when you use a Magic Band … but not reallly. Really, I’m charging things to the credit card. My credit card. The one Disney has on file. Has had on file since the My Disney Experience app came online and I immediately added my credit card and set a pin number.

Even after I check out, the credit card is still there. In my app. Connected to my account. Connected to my ticket media. All connected to my Band. But once I check out, I can not charge things with that credit card via a Magic Band – even on the same day I checked out! And it takes me by surprise–and then makes me extremely annoyed–every time. What the hell, Disney?

Does this make anyone else super annoyed? Is there a work-around I’m missing? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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