I’m Getting a Magic Band: But It’s Not the Same!

Remember a couple of months ago when Disney blew some serious bank top-shelf marketing materials and then send THREE sets to my house? Well, it seems that someone, somewhere finally realized they were wasting a lot of dough on the over-the-top MagicBand campaign because I recently received a very similar but much less grand version of this pre-trip mailer.

This is the pre-trip info for an upcoming long weekend in March, and if you’re familiar with the previous marketing, you’ll see that this is very similar to the fancier version of the package. It’s still very much Incredibles-themed, but instead of the textured cigar box that made the materials seem so upscale, now it comes in a very flat envelope. And no Mickey ear USB that basically just sends you to the Disney website.

For me, this bit of marketing material is just as useless as the previous version, although it does have the distinction of being way less cool that the previous version. I’m glad Disney downgraded, but I am disappointed that they don’t have record (or care) of the fact that I’ve already received three very similar packages. I’ve already been among the first to try MyMagic+ and MagicBands.  And I definitely don’t need more useless marketing (and I really REALLY don’t need more magnets that aren’t very well magnetized … mine keep falling off the fridge.)

And while I wish they’d keep record of when I visited and what materials I’ve already received, I am very interested in watching how the pre-trip communication is constantly being refined.

Do you have any upcoming trips? Are your mailings similar or different? Let us know in the comments! 

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