I’m Getting a Magic Band: Booking & Changing Plans on FastPass+ Kiosks

Magic Band Logo (Disney World website)Those of you who read regularly know that At Disney Again and I are part of one of the upcoming MyMagic+ MagicBand tests. We’re super psyched, and have been chronicling our experiences on the blog.

Previously, we:

Shared the band personalization process
Talked to CMs about naming your MagicBand
Booked FastPass+ and Dining reservations
Learned about how ticket media impacts FastPass+ and
Figured out how to copy someone’s preexisting FastPass+ plans

Though I live about 900 miles from the magic, At Disney Again is much, much closer, and he was fortunate to spend a day in the Parks testing the FastPass+ system with his Magic Band. As our trip draws near, he shares his in Park experience using the FastPass+ kiosk in the Magic Kingdom to make and change FastPass+ reservations.  

Using the FastPass+ Kiosks

This story starts at the new in-Park  FastPass+ kiosks. There’s one terminal (each with two screens) at Guest Relations in every Park, and Disney is adding new terminals as we speak. By the end of this month, there should be at least five terminals in each of the four Parks. When in doubt, head to Guest Relations, as there’ll always be one there.

Once you get to the screen, your first impulse is going to be to touch your MagicBand to the screen. Don’t. Instead, touch your Band to the Mickey head on the front of the terminal. When you do, if you already have plans, they’ll come up. Like this:

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

This is the home screen for the kiosk. Once you scan your MagicBand, any time you confirm or cancel a change, you will be routed back to this screen. It lists all of your experiences so you can see what you’ve booked.

If you haven’t made plans, you can make them here! Important things to note: You are only allowed three experiences per day. You can delete experiences so you end up fewer reservations, but you can not have more than three. They all have to be in the same Park. Once you use your experiences in one Park, you can not book more FastPass+ experiences in another Park.

When you tell the kiosk you want to make plans, it gives you the option to select from several groups of three FastPass+ experiences.They are grouped together, and you select the group, but you do not necessarily have to keep all three experiences. Select the trio of experiences that most closely matches your desires for the day knowing that you can change them. (We’ll get to that in a minute.)

That’s it. Now you’re ready to either get on with your day with FastPass+ OR if you want to change some of your experiences, keep reading …

According to the Cast Members we spoke with, it is easier to trade experiences first. Then, after you’ve got the three experiences you really want, you can change the times. Because that’s the recommended method, that’s the order we’ve shown them below.

Changing a FastPass+ Experience

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

Click the “Make Changes” button and select the experience you want to change. This screen pops up. Here, we’ve decided to swap out a ride on the Jungle Cruise for an alternate experience. Once we tell the kiosk we want to change the experience, we click “Next” …

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

On this screen, we can scroll through an alphabetical listing of all of the experiences in the Park. When you select an alternative attraction, it will schedule the new attraction for the same time as the attraction you swapped it for.

After scrolling through the options, we settled on meeting Rapunzel. Once we made the selection, the kiosk gave us the opportunity to confirm the change:

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again) And just by clicking “Next,” we’ve traded experiernces! Now we can move on to swapping some times around …

Changing a FastPass+ Time

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

Again, click the “Make Changes” button and select the experience you want to change. The above screen pops up. Here, we’ve decided to alter the time of our ride on Under the Sea. Once we tell the kiosk we want to change the time, we click “Next” …

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

You can scroll through a list of all of the times available for that day. On this specific day, we got to the kiosk early so there were a ton of openings. As more Park-goers begin using FastPass+, you’ll likely have less options. You can select any of the open, available times, then click “Next.”

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

Once again, you’re given the opportunity to confirm the changes before they go through the system. And once you click “Next” again, you’re done!

FastPass+ Kiosk Pro Tips

MyMagic+ Kiosk Screenshots (At Disney Again)

MyMagic+ App Screenshots (At Disney Again)

And we’re back at the home screen! Once you’ve made all of the changes you want to make, you have an option. You can e-mail the itinerary to yourself and then click “Done” to log out. Or just skip the e-mail and click “Done.”

We recommend that you don’t bother with the e-mail.

Why? Because it is SLOW. From the time we clicked “Email My Itinerary” to the time it arrived in our inbox, 30 minutes had elapsed.

The My Disney Experience App, on the other hand, was updated instantly. So we took a screenshot of our plans so that we could refer to them later.

Why the screenshot? Because–even with very few people using the app–My Disney Experience is slow. Rather than leave the app running in the background (draining our battery) or constantly opening and closing the app (which is a time suck), a screenshot is easily and constantly available.

This is the biggest and best piece of advice we took from the FastPass+ testing experience. And we hope it helps you save some time and better track your plans for the day!

Have you tried the new FastPass+ kiosks? Have any tips that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!