I’m Getting a Magic Band: And Trying to Cancel a Reservation

Paying for Disney Dining with Magic Band (Sabrina's Disney Blog)When you’re on a Disney trip, things change. Sometimes really quickly. For example, on our recent pre-holiday overnight on property, we decided to cancel our breakfast reservations as we worked at closing down the Magic Kingdom.

Trying to be responsible adults, we logged into the app to cancel, but were told we had to call. Okay. So we called.

Problem: The operators are only available until 11 p.m. We tried again in the morning, only to be told it was going to cost us $10 per person to cancel … because you have to call by midnight the night before to cancel (or be charged). Well. Okay, but no. We’d been trying to cancel for nearly 12 hours at that point. Their system just isn’t set up for that.

Another problem: They’ve never actually charged us for wholesale skipping a reservation. But by trying to do the right thing and canceling it, we were going to get charged? That doesn’t seem fair at all.

Luckily for us, and for you!, there is a solution: Move the reservation. Move it to tomorrow. Or, as in our case, next month. Then cancel it later. They don’t charge you to move the ADR. And if you cancel it early enough, they won’t charge you to cancel it.

It’s not a terribly elegant solution, and really Disney should have a better built-in plan for dealing with what I am sure is a fairly common scenario. But it works. We started our day footloose and fee-free.

Have you ever had trouble canceling an ADR at WDW? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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