I’m Getting A Magic Band: And Some New Swag

Friday night, I came home after a long day at work (a long WEEK at work, really) to find a delightful package on my door step. A package from The Mouse.

It was too small to be a set of Magic Bands, and I’ve been having all of my Bands sent to At Disney Again‘s house anyway. So I had no idea what it was.

Wanna open it with me?

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

Yes, we’re continuing the Incredibles theme. This cute outer layer opens like a flower to reveal a second box.

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

It’s off-black, very thick and well made with a Mickey head painted on with spot varnish, which feels extremely upscale (and is very expensive). This is a flip top.

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

Inside, the first thing I noticed was the iridescent spot-coated Mickey painted onto the inside of the cover. Below is a stack of papers, topped with a message printed on postcard stock. I’m going to be one of the first to try MyMagic+! (Well, I already was, but whatever.)

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

Under that, there’s a slice of thick, off-black cardstock, handsomely printed with white ink depicting what’s inside.

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

Beneath that, my vacation guide! The booklet contains specific information about the hotel my trip begins at (we’re resort hopping) as well as more information about the Parks and other entertainment areas. This isn’t too much different from mailings I’ve received previously with a notable exception.

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

In addition to the MyMagic+ info, there’s a totally bad ass magnet built into the booklet with important dates, including online check in as well as the day the trip starts. (As if I am going to forget that!) It’s not super useful, but it is adorable!

MyMagic Welcome Package (At Disney Again)

One interesting fact to note: the help line phone number listed in the booklet is the DVC Member Services number. I’m not sure if this is because my stay was booked through DVC or if that’s the number they’re giving everyone for this new program.

DVC Member Services is amazing. They are massively helpful every time I have to call them. WAY more helpful than any other Disney help line I’ve ever called. So, on the one hand, it’s probably a good thing if they’re telling MyMagic testers to call that number. On the other, as a DVC member, if my dues are no longer paying for that excellent, personalized service, I’m going to be ripping mad.

Anyway, under the book, is an amazing, adorbs Mickey flash drive. How cute!!

When I plugged the device into my computer, it lit up. Even cuter! The files on the USB were links that redirected me to the Disney site and encouraged me to watch a MyMagic “briefing” video. (You have to be logged in to see it.)

Overall, the package didn’t provide me with any information I didn’t already have … but I’m not exactly the average resort guest. And I absolutely see the value of this slick, beautiful piece of marketing. If MyMagic is going to have any chance of succeeding, they need the average resort guest on the site, booking their FastPass experiences and downloading the app.

This clever little package draws me in. I delight in uncovering the layers. It’s exciting. And when that little Mickey head lights up … SQUEE! The video itself is cute, and it’s quite informative. They’re making it as simple as possible for folks who are less Disney savvy and less technologically savvy to get into the program and using the site.

It’s a particularly brilliant piece of marketing. And I’ll definitely keep the fancy black box and use it for something around the house.

Have you gotten one of these nifty packages? Tell us about it! 

Post script: Monday evening, I came home to TWO MORE marketing packages … because I’m hotel-hopping twice on the next trip. So … duh. A package (and a new MagicBand) for each leg of the trip. Way to waste, Disney. And many thanks to At Disney Again for taking pretty photos!

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