I’m Getting a Magic Band: And Accessories

Guys, I know I’m not much of a girlie girl. But I do like shopping as much as the next lady. And one of the things I’ve been most excited about with regard to Magic Bands is all of the awesome swag that I was sure would accompany them. And then the flood of merch came, and I was like … ehhhhhh.

Here, see what you think:

These are MagicBandits ($6.95 for sets of 3, $8.95 for sets of 4). They snap into the empty holes of your Magic Band. They remind me of Jibbitz, those little doo-dads that snap into the holes of Crocs. But like Jibbitz (and like Disney pins for that matter), there’s nothing to hold them in place. They’ll fall off. They’ll get knocked off. They’ll be lost forever. So I’m a little tepid on MagicBandits. Even though I really love the Muppets. And the Duffy. (I mean, did you SEE that Duffy?)

These are Sliders ($12.95 each). They slip onto your Band and form a frame around the RFID Mickey head. It’s sort of like a changeable watchface for your Band … except it doesn’t really DO anything. And, again … what’s the point? The designs aren’t even particularly fun. Maybe they’ll introduce something more interesting? (Even if they do, I am not sure I’ll care.)

Finally, these are CoverBands ($6.95 each, $15.95 for 3). They are fabric sleeves that slip onto the Bands. These are appealing to me because I hate wearing things on my wrist, and I suspect that wearing the Magic Band in the 90+ degree heat of summer isn’t going to go over well with me. The cloth, hopefully, will prevent the plastic from sticking to your flesh and might even wick away some sweat. We’ll see!

Out of all of these, I’m most likely to buy the CoverBands … and even at that, it would be cheaper and easier just to cut a few strips of fabric from an old shirt or orphaned sock and glue them to the inside of my Bands. Or maybe I’ll splurge on the cute polka-dotted Minnie cover. It is cute!

What do you think of the new Magic Band merch? Will you buy any of this stuff? If you could Imagineer your own Magic Band accessories, what would you envision?