IllumiNations Without the Wait

Illumnations from the UK Pavilion

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It’s pretty well recognized that, if you want a great view for IllumiNations, then you’d better grab a Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush and a Mickey-face pretzel and get comfortable. You’re going to be standing along the railing waiting for a while.

While I love a late-night snack, I don’t necessarily agree with the standard IllumiNations prescription.

Yes, sometimes it’s nice to stand, wait and see the full show. But sometimes I’m tired, and I don’t really want to stare at a spinning globe-television for 12 minutes.  On those nights, Rob and I have found that sitting in the UK Pavilion provides a pretty great view of the fireworks and light show. 

Illumnations from the UK Pavilion

Illumnations from the UK PavilionThat photo is from a fairly crowded early December evening, though you can’t see any other people because they’re all pressed up against the railing! We grabbed a seat on the curb in the UK pavilion just as the show started, and we had a great view of the fireworks, the laser lights and the dramatic dimming and brightening of the building lights.

It wasn’t the full Epcot, and we didn’t see the globe. But we did have a nice chat, and we really felt like we were the only two people in a tiny English town. And after a full morning of traveling and a long afternoon and evening in fairly crowded Parks, it was a really relaxing end to our day.

Where do you like to watch Illuminations?

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