Inspired by the Internet: Iger Watch 2013

Iger Watch by @sketchyplace
Iger Watch by @sketchyplace

Sometimes, rumors happen.

People hear things. They repeat them. Then other people repeat them. And suddenly Bob Iger and George Lucas are going to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in Hollywood Studios on May the Fourth.

What are they going to announce? No one knows. But it’s going to be BIG.

How big?! REALLY BIG. So can we get a #hashtag going on all of those predictions? You know we can.

And you know it was @AtDisneyAgain who suggested it. And then he sat back and watched as the little #hashtag that could racked up more than 700 tweets and gained the attention of the Orlando Sentinel not oncebut twice.

And while the Sentinel pulled together a list of some of the Iger-iffic tweets, I don’t think they picked the best ones. So I put together some of my favorites for you.

You’re welcome.

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