Hollywood Studios is a Mess

Lots of big news this past weekend coming out of D23. I’ve decided to withhold judgement, as a whole, until things are finished. Or at least more fully formed. Getting all worked up about things that may change dramatically or may not come to be at all just seems like a waste of energy.

But there is one thing that became clear this weekend that I absolutely MUST comment on … next month, Dan (from At Disney Again and my beau) is going to be at WDW for three days. And upon looking at the schedule of upcoming changes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and all of the closures … well, there will literally be only FOUR OPERATING ATTRACTIONS when he’s in town.

Four attractions. And Disney’s charging $100/day for that?

If I had an AP, I’d be very cranky. And if I’d purchased day passes without Park Hoppers, I’d be absolutely livid. I really think Disney needs to offer guests something more than Hollywood Studios as it exists today. Here are some suggestions:

For AP holders

–AP expanded an extra two months
–40% AP discount on all merchandise at DHS

For single-day ticket holders (without Park Hoppers)

–Mini-golf voucher
–Voucher for a QS meal at Disney Springs with free Premium Parking
–Choice of FastPass+ for TSMM or Tower of Terror
–Voucher for a WDW-specific Starbucks mug of choice
–Ability to Hop to the Park with Extra Evening Magic Hours (even if you’re not a Resort guest)

Let’s be honest: Disney can’t act like Hollywood Studios, in its current state, is a full day Park. And hopefully they’ll offer something to guests. Otherwise, I have a feeling that the lines at Guest Relations are going to get really, really long.

What would you want as consolation if you stepped foot in sad, sad Hollywood Studios next month?? Tell us in the comments below!

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