Musical Monday: Hey, Mickey

One of my trip traditions is a stop in Mouse Gear. I almost always buy a tee-shirt there, but even if I’ve already bought a souviner by the time I get around to the Gear, I always take a circuit around the store, checking out what’s new and thinking about what I might buy for my friends and family (you know, if I were rich).

Mouse Gear Sign

Beyond the awesome merch, part of what I love about this shop is the soundtrack. It’s got a good mix of fun songs from Disney movies (some remixed, others straight forward) along with some 50s candy pop-style songs about the Fab Five. Among that later group, there’s one song that I simply can’t get enough of.

I have literally no idea what it is or what it is called. I call it the “Hey, Hey Mickey Song.” I also call it a total ear worm. It’s so seemingly rare that I couldn’t find anything about it online, but I did finally find one version of the song on YouTube, posted by the amazing MrThemeParkAudios account as part of the overall Mouse Gear music loop. (You can start the song at 8 minutes and 7 seconds into the video.)

Note: Thanks to my amazingly amazing Disney husband, Mark Diba, for sending us the video above and telling me the name of the song: “Here’s to the Ears of Love,” which is from Rock Around the Mouse.

How can you not totally fall head over heels for this composition of pure fluff and love?! It’s such an upbeat, swinging tribute to the ears of love! And it’s nearly impossible to keep yourself from singing along to the chorus.

What’s your favorite song from the Mouse Gear soundtrack? Let us know below.

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