Halloween 2015: A Disney Costume Party

I don’t usually do a ton for Halloween. Especially not since I adopted George five years ago—the constant bell-ringing makes him insane, so I prefer to hang out close to home with him. So I’m not really sure what got into me when I told Dan I wanted to go see The Little Mermen perform on Halloween this year.

Little Mermen 043

Who are The Little Mermen, you ask? They’re an NYC-based Disney cover band. And they’re sort of totally amazing. You may have seen their recent video, where they serenaded New Yorkers in Washington Square Park.

Their hook is sort of silly and fun—and “Disney-themed cover band” totally gets people in the door. But they have the chops to back it up. Especially singers Alexis Babini (seen below as Aladdin) and Nicole Tureski (dressed as Jasmine, Belle and Ariel), who totally sang their butts off.

I’ve talked before about one of my favorite ever Disney moments: The first time I saw the Osborne Lights flip on, and everyone crowded onto the Streets of America were just … awed. Singing along to classic Disney songs with fellow Disney fans totally had the same vibe.

In fact, the only thing more amazing than dancing and singing along to rock-covers of your favorite Disney songs is singing along in costume. For real, though. That’s right: Not only was this a show, it was also a costume party! And the costumes were truly amazing:

The cover band’s annual Halloween performance was held at Santos Party House, which is one of the coziest and welcoming “clubs” I’ve ever been to. Seriously, any old person can walk off the streets of Chinatown and feel right at home here. The space was decorated with creepy skulls, and the bartenders had Disney-themed drinks on tap for us. (I personally killed at least three Jafars.)

Before the Mermen took the stage, the night kicked off with performances by The Halloweenheads and Mixtape. Interesting fun fact: They’re both cover bands, too. So the whole night was filled with well-known, welcoming music, which added to the wonderful atmosphere of the event.

It was a totally fun night. So maybe rocking along with The Little Mermen will be my new Halloween tradition.

Have you seen The Little Mermen perform? Or do you have a favorite classic Disney cover? Tell us about it!