Photo Set: Guest Decorations

Jolly ECV

One of my favorite things about Disney is the community of fans. I’ve made lifelong friends while waiting in line or on the monorail and cemented “real life” friendships with fellow Disney fantics.

We’re all children at heart. And more often than not, we wear those hearts on our sleeves … or our cars, our doors and anywhere else we can cram The Mouse. I’m talking about Dis-ers decorating for the holidays.

I’ve heard of lots of families bringing a holiday tree to their resort at holiday time, to make the room feel more jolly, but I’ve seen doors, balconies and exterior windows ornamented, too (even though it’s technically not allowed for DVC members). And the decoration aren’t limited to Christmas: I’ve seen birthdays, anniversaries and Halloween celebrated, as well! Beth on A Disney Mom’s Thoughts just posted about that this week, in fact!

Keep your eyes peeled around your own resort, and you’re sure to see some guest-made decorations, but if you really want to hit the mother lode, head out to Fort Wilderness where they’re sort of famous for guest decorations. There, in October, we saw a ton of Halloween decorations on RVs and campers as well as a free-standing haunted ‘maze.’

During our too infrequent visits to the Fort, we’ve seen many golf carts (the transport of choice for campers in the know) decorated, but truly the most magical golf cart experiences at WDW are the Fort Wilderness Halloween and Christmas Golf Cart Parades. Yes, that’s real, and yes, they do it every year! (Need proof? There are great videos on YouTube! Here’s one of my favorite examples. And Mousesteps did a great job covering the Christmas parade this year.)

Guest decorations are there if you look in the Parks, too. In December 2011, I photographed two ECVs completely decked out for the holidays: one with a wreath and Mickey ear ornament, the other with a big festive ribbon. During that same trip, I also saw a woman with a broken leg who’d covered her wheelchair with strands of dancing lights!

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