Grand Floridian & Contemporary Easter Eggs 2016

Editor’s note: This guest post is by Brittany, a recent transplant from Tennessee to Florida who is enjoying her new life as a Walt Disney World local. Dan from AtDisneyAgain has written about Disney’s Easter egg displays in 2015, 2014, and 2013, and I am thrilled to be able to team up with Brittany to bring you the 2016 eggs!

Before moving to the Orlando area, I would scroll through my social media feeds and look longingly at the photos of my beloved Walt Disney World. I was always especially attracted to displays and exhibits that were on a very limited run that I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to see on my occasional birthday or Christmas trips. Now that I am a local all of that has changed, and I am able to visit these limited attractions, like the Fifth Annual Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort (on display until April 4).

I made an evening of visiting the monorail resorts thanks to a day off from work and thanks to the fact I can’t enter the parks due the blackout dates on my AP. I was expecting a large crowd, especially considering it was the day before Good Friday and the crowd level is much higher this time of year. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of people checking out this beautiful display!

The eggs are spread across the main lobby area and are stunning pieces of artwork. Per usual with Disney, the details are eggstraordinary (heh!). There were some, like the Toy Story egg, that I wish were located at a different area so that you could see it all the way around. Also, they were sneaky and placed the Sleeping Beauty egg by the Garden View Tea Room so you can’t see the side with Aurora unless you were dining there.

As I said, I was making an evening of visiting the monorail resorts, so my next stop was Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This stop actually concluded my tour of the resorts because I met a lovely couple at the California Grill and finished the night with fireworks and Disney chatter.

Anyway, after leaving the restaurant, I was headed back to the monorail and happened upon another egg display on the 2nd floor below the Mary Blair mural. I had no idea that it existed, so it was an extra treat! The first thing I noticed when I discovered the display was the incredible Alice in Wonderland cake, which was then followed by the delightful smell of chocolate.


It’s difficult to choose a favorite, but if I HAVE to, I would choose the Neverland egg with Peter Pan sitting on top. The Beauty and the Beast egg is a close second though.

If you have the chance to visit these beauties, then you definitely should! It won’t shake up your travel schedule too much unless you really stop to enjoy all of the amazing details, but it would be worth it. I would also recommend parking at the Ticket and Transportation Center and hopping on the monorail. Security is a little more strict this time of year when it comes to parking at the resorts if you are not a guest there.

Which egg is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! And Happy Easter!!