Going to the Disney Dogs

Here’s the deal: I don’t do the Super Bowl. I couldn’t care less, in fact. But I understand that the majority of Americans don’t agree. Luckily, I managed to find a tiny touch of adorable Disneyness in this year’s big game. Not on the big field, of course, but on the much smaller, chew toy-strewn field where the Puppy Bowl is played. In fact, some of these Puppy Bowl participants are downright showing their Disney side! See what I mean:

Puppy Bowl x - Lily (Mouse on the Mind)I can  hear your little hearts breaking through the Internet. Look how SAD these two are! First, there’s puppy Lily. Long ears. Big brown eyes. Stubborn, “Are you kidding me?” look on her face. Then, there’s Tiger Lily. Long pigtails. Big brown eyes. Stubborn, “You’ve tied me up here!” look on her face. They’re like long lost twinsies. Even though one of them is clearly a 13-week old Basset Hound. And the other is a cartoon Native American who’s never going to grow up.

Puppy Bowl x - Maximus (Mouse on the Mind)Meet Maximus. Yea. They’re both named Maximus. They’re both strong, loyal and totally sick of your shit. Look at their faces. And those ears! Oh, they are just so cute I could eat their sweet little faces. But not really. Because that would be pretty much the grossest. Anyway, here we have a 15-week-old German Shepherd/Boxer mix paired up with Rapunzel’s trusty royal horse of the same name. And they are adorable. (But don’t tell them. They both seem kind of annoyed.)

Puppy Bowl x - Aurora (Mouse on the Mind)On the left, we have Aurora, a 12-week old dalmatian in the Puppy Bowl’s starting lineup. Her bio says she has a crush on a fireman. On the right is Princess Aurora, who knows a thing or two about having a crush on an unattainable man. They both have big, trusting brown eyes, and it seems that neither of them can decide what color they want to be: puppy Aurora has her chocolate spots, while Princess Aurora’s dress … well, should it be pink? Or blue? Pink? Or Blue?

Puppy Bowl x - Ginger (Mouse on the Mind) Big eyes, dark hair and that unmistakable look of mischief: these two Gingers could practically be sisters. If they weren’t members of a different species. Our puppy star is a 12-week old Old English Sheepdog, while our cartoonish girl is one of Phineas and Ferb’s sidekicks. Not only do they look similar, but take a close look at Ginger Hirano’s sash … that blue ball? Doggie Ginger’s blue ball … coincidence?

Puppy Bowl x - Bert (Mouse on the Mind)No … they’re not letting kitties into the Puppy Bowl this year, but they ARE letting the fuzzy felines perform in the halftime show. Six-month-old Bert, here: His orange and cream striped suit and wry grin (not to mention his name) make him the perfect kitty incarnation of the famous One Man Band. And if he can dance (or waddle) anything like Mary’s beau, he’s sure to be a show-stopping hit!

Puppy Bowl x - Max (Mouse on the Mind)Maaaaaaax! Okay. I don’t know if this is entirely fair. Because they’re both actually dogs. One of them is a slightly overgrown 16-week-old shih tzu who’ll be playing in the Puppy Bowl. The other is Prince Eric’s extremely overgrown Old English Sheepdog who’ll be forever in my heart as part of the animated classic The Little Mermaid. The have the same name and the same shaggy, perplexed appearance. And I wanna cuddle them both up.

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