Wayfinding Wednesday: Getaway Stagecoach

Looking for a vacation from your vacation? Boy, have we got an opportunity for you. It reads as follows:

Getaway Stagecoach Line

Getaway Stagecoach Line

It is our policy that each and every passenger that books passage on our coach will receive the most comfortable, scenic ride possible. We have made every possible effort to provide the finest eating and sleeping facilities. Ladies will be treated with the utmost respect and consideration while on their journey. Any male passengers not wishing to comply will be put off at the first flat spot on the trail. It is our goal to get you to your destination healthy and uninjured.

We will not accept responsibility for acts by highwaymen, savaged, being broken down or any unforeseen conditions that may result in being delayed or not arriving to your destination. We cannot be expected to notify next of kin in the event of a catastrophic occurrence or unexpected fatality.

Thank you for choosing Getaway.

Who, in this day and age, is taking off with Getaway? A whole heck of a lot of us. Me included! This sign is located in the extremely well-themed DVC sales kiosk in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.

In addition to being funny (always read the fine print!), the poster is also remarkably accurate of similar advertisements from the very early days of the Old West (approximately 1792-1822).

Of course, a real stagecoach ad would also mention where the trip originates, where it stops and passes through, and how much passage will cost, but the precise language about comfort and safety were standard in such advertisements.

One of my favorite real-life examples of this language comes from this excerpt from Morning Courier and New York Enquirer:

The proprietors flatter themselves, that although their immediate object in the establishment of the above Line may be their private interest, they are nevertheless confident they are affording advantages to the traveling part of the community … The saving of time and distance to the traveller, by taking this Line, are too obvious to require examination. (July 3, 1830)

The advantages of stagecoach travel are simply too obvious to require further examination. So … where are you heading next?

Thanks to Stagecoach Days for putting together such an amazing repository of stagecoach-related news items and photos.