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One Mr. Walter Elias Disney has a reputation for pushing people beyond what they thought they could do and for pushing ideas beyond what was previously thought possible. He called it “Plussing,” and he built that never-satisfied approach into the very fabric of his company. That’s why we say that Disney World will never be finished–it’s constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly being Plussed.

Walt Disney

As fans of the Parks, we all have our own theories about the best and most fan-friendly ways to Plus the parks. In fact, right here on this very blog, I run an annual series that asks Disney fans to do some arm-chair Imagineering, encouraging them to think about how they’d Plus their favorite Disney Park if they had unlimited resources. And the results have been very, very interesting.

But back to my point: One of the most profitable ways Disney has Plussed their business over the past 24 years: Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. More than 1,000 couples spend–at minimum–$5,000 to tie the knot … and that’s just at Walt Disney World. They took a niche industry, something that only super fans were really interested in and even fewer were doing, and turned it into a million dollar industry.

Disney wedding

My suggestion: Monetize cremains. I know. That sounds strange and possibly gross. But there are a fair number of people who want their remains scattered at a Disney Park. And I have to admit that I see the appeal of spending eternity in my happy place. But, of course, just dropping your loved one’s ashes in the Rose Garden or dumping them into Echo Lake is totally illegal.

Just like getting married on property, I believe, if Disney makes it available, people will want to leave their remains–even just a small amount of their remains–on Disney property. I don’t suggest where. I don’t suggest how. Those answers are for folks smarter and more knowledgeable. What I do suggest is that this could turn into big business. And it’ll definitely, at the very least, cut down on the illegal dumpings that are rumored to already happen.

Disney food trucks

And speaking of weddings, I have another (likely less controversial) idea for Disney Fairytale Weddings. There are tons of post-ceremony options available, from quickie cake and champagne celebrations to lavish, hours-long receptions with plated meals. One option they don’t have? Relaxed and fun–the way I am sure lots of Disney couples already do their self-planned reception.

My suggestion: Make the food trucks available! Find a nice place to park them–maybe somewhere around Crescent Lake, maybe around the Grand Floridian or in front of the Contemporary Resort, maybe somewhere in Fort Wilderness–and then load them up with some delicious, appropriately celebratory cupcakes in addition to their standard fare. Instant, down-home Disney fun and a totally unique Disney wedding option.

So what do you think? Would you want a super fun food truck wedding? Or to have you remains interred at Disney World for all time? Let us know in the comments!

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