Friday, March 2nd: Segway Around the World

Day at a Glance: Segway Around the World Tour 8:30 a.m., San Angel Inn 1:10 p.m., DME to airport around 3:00


We'll spend the morning in World Showcase--on a segway!

Likely via taxi, Melissa and Tracy will rendezvous at Epcot by no later than 8:15 a.m.  They will make their way to Innoventions by 8:15 to begin the Segway Around the World tour.  What a great way to spend a departure day–it’s like they almost won’t even notice that they’re flying home that night.

After tooling around World Showcase on odd upright electric vehicles, it’s time for the newly-traditional final meal of the trip, lunch at San Angel in in the Mexico pavilion.  They shall drown their sorrows–and their fears of flying–in tequila and enchilada sauce. [Melissa’s note: I’ve made this a tradition with my husband, too … after this meal, I will officially have eaten here more than any other restaurant on property. Even my beloved Kouzzina!]

Sadly, the two will each say their farewells and make the sad trip back to their respective resorts (leaving Epcot no later than 3:00)  to gather their belongings and board the less-than-magical-on-the-way-back-to-the-airport Magical Express.   [Melissa’s note: What are the chances we’ll be on the same DME bus?? If we’re not, I might cry.] They will then immediately begin planning their next trip–to wherever that may be.  Stay tuned. [Melissa’s note: I miss you already.]