Friday, February 24th: Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Day at a Glance: 8:30 a.m. Keys to the Kingdom Tour, evening at Downtown Disney

Tracy and her mom explore the secrets of the Magic Kingdom!

Tracy really hopes to be able to run this morning in the Animal Kingdom Lodge gym.  Let’s see if she actually makes it there!  Anyone want to place a bet that she won’t?

Today is a super exciting day, as Peggy and Tracy will be making their way to the Magic Kingdom by 8:15 to go on the Keys to the Kingdom tour.  They are both very much looking forward to this tour; they both so enjoyed the Wanyama Safari tour that they took back in May–along with the fantastic meal that came along with it.  Tracy will be sure to take many notes so that she can write a detailed tour review upon her return.

Realizing that this tour will require lots of walking–and that the parks are looking like they are going to be very crowded this day–the tour is all that the mother-daughter team have planned for the entire day.  They will return to the resort after the tour to rest.  Then, if they have the energy, they may venture over to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner.  If they choose not to visit DTD, they will likely be dining at Sanaa–or Jiko if Tracy can get a walk-up reservation.

Epcot is open until midnight this evening, but Tracy doubts that Peggy will make it there.  But Tracy might just go on her own to take some night time photographs of World Showcase.  She’s not been able to do that yet with her real camera, and is kind of looking forward to it.