Fresh Flavors at The Wave

Disney magic is real.

Take, for example, Chef Dave, who At Disney Again and I had the pleasure of meeting during the Field to Feast dinner in October. We were big fans—both of his delightful sense of humor and the pork belly he and his fellow chefs were serving up. It was a magical night, and Chef Dave played a magical role.

We stayed in touch with him after the event, and we were excited to find out that he was working the breakfast shift on a recent morning when we stopped in. Another magical moment.

Not only was Chef Dave delightful as he walked us through the buffet, explaining all of The Wave’s breakfast offerings, he was also extraordinarily generous, sending out two plates of incredible, fresh Florida produce alongside some of his delicious gastronomic experiments. (MAGGGGIIIIICCC!)

Fresh orange juice at The Wave (Mouse on the Mind)

First, he sent us a shot of freshly squeezed Hamlin orange juice with a wedge of the orange it was juiced from.

Holy. Cow. Or orange, I guess. This was, without a doubt, the most amazing sip I’ve ever had. It tasted like candy. Pure, clean, not too sweet. Just perfectly perfect.

The oranges were fresh from Uncle Matt’s Organic in Clermont, Fla., and Chef Dave said they’re delicious (duh), but better for juicing than for eating straight because they contain a lot of seeds.

Molecular Fruit Salad from The Wave (At Disney Again)Second, he send out this incredible piece of food porn. What you see here is super fresh Florida strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, Hamlin orange wedges and watermelon pieces. Fruit salad.

All that other stuff? Vanilla powder.  Strawberry peppercorn puree. Mandarin orange puree. And pistachio brittle. Also? All delicious and handmade to “order” by Chef Dave.

The fruit was fresh and juicy, and the delicate flavors of the sauces were a perfect offset. Best of all? The soft texture of the powder and the crunchy texture of the brittle. Such a great contrast.

When we walked into The Wave that morning, we couldn’t have guessed that such an awesome experience was coming our way. And we couldn’t thank Chef Dave and his team enough for such a brilliant beginning to a great (magical!) Disney day.

If you haven’t enjoyed The Wave yet, do so. And if you’re still skeptical about the existence of Disney magic … well, I don’t know how to help you.

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So many, many thanks to Chef Dave and his team! And hugs and kisses to At Disney Again, my perpetual Disney dining companion and the creator of the beautiful photos here. He uses this lens, if you want to recreate his masterwork.

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