Four Parks in One Day: Some Tips

Four Parks, One Day (Mouse on the Mind)Over the past few days, I’ve been sharing my experience of visiting all four Parks in a single day. It was a looooong day. A very long day. I tend to get cranky when I’ve been on my feet too long, and this easily could have been a crash-and-burn experience for us. Here’s how we managed to keep it light and fun for 18 hours straight:

We spent about 2 hours in Hollywood Studios, 4 hours in Animal Kingdom, 2 hours in Epcot and 2.5 hours in Magic Kingdom. We’d already visited DHS, Epcot and MK earlier in the week, and we were planning to spend even more time in Epcot the following day, so Animal Kingdom was where we put most of our time. That said, we had one single prime objective in each Park, so everything we did beyond that was gravy.    

Don’t Push Too Hard
We took a nap. In fact, we slept longer than we intended to, almost ruining our chances to see Neil Patrick Harris in the Candlelight Processional. Taking a mid-day break isn’t admitting defeat; it’s being sensible. Be sensible. Give yourself a break.

Candlelight Processional (Mouse on the Mind)

Take It Slow
We spent a lot of time browsing in stores, relaxing with a cold drink and sitting down in shady spots. Most of our time in DAK was spent exploring and relaxing, not waiting in line. In Hollywood Studios, we didn’t enter a single building not on Pixar Place. We just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Keep Moving Forward
As I mentioned earlier, we had a prime directive at each Park, and getting to the next big thing kept me moving. The morning wasn’t terribly difficult, but I started to get a little cranky in Animal Kingdom. What kept me moving forward was seeing Neil Patrick Harris read during the Candlelight Processional. After the show, dinner kept me going. From there, it was the promise of the Main Street Electrical Parade and an awesome after-dark ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Once the fun was behind us, the thought of my nice comfortable bed was the only thinking that kept me from curling up to sleep on the bus back to the resort. (And if you ask my husband, he’ll swear I did curl up and try to go to sleep on the bus. He’s exaggerating. Mostly.)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Mouse on the Mind)

Eat, Papa, Eat!
I think we ate something at nearly every stop, with Epcot being the notable exception. Make sure to keep yourself well fueled. Keeping your belly full will help with our next tip …

Stay Positive
Smile and have fun. This is Disney World! If you find yourself starting to snipe or whine or cry … just stop! What’s the point in continuing if you’re not having fun?


Do you have any marathon Park tips?? Have you ever visited all four Parks in one day? Join the conversation below!