Food & Wine Countdown: Week Seven

2013 Food and Wine Festivalfoodandwinedownloadnow13There’s a hunger inside you. But not for Snickers. Well, I mean, I guess a Snickers would be okay. But really. What you want is tiny portions of mass-produced food that you’ll eat while standing in the hot Florida sun (unless you eat it standing in the rain).

That’s right: Food and Wine starts soon! Here’s what I’ll order:

Brewer’s Collection 
I don’t drink a ton of beer and I especially don’t drink a ton of beer in the hot Florida sun. BUT as you’ll see on this blog in the coming weeks, I will be trying some new things during this trip. And likely something will be ordered from this booth. Just not sure what yet.

China Booth
Remember last week when I was all pissed off about Epcot Asian food? That goes double for this place.

Italy Booth
If I don’t get enough cheese elsewhere, I will stop here. But the food is mostly really heavy, and I can pass it on by in favor of some delish pizza or snacks at the wine cellar at a later date.

South Korea Booth
Why. Does. Everything. Have. Kimchi. On. It???? Did Disney somehow neglect to notice that kimchi isn’t the only thing they eat in South Korea?

Want to learn more about the delicious offerings at this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival? Download a copy of the Disney Food Blog 2013 Festival Mini-Guide today!

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