Food & Wine Countdown: Week One

2013 Food and Wine FestivalIt’s here! It’s time! It’s finally okay to obsess over Food and Wine again!! Yay!

I do actually have a quick weekend trip planned during the Food and Wine Festival, so the pre-gaming is super, ultra exciting for me this year … because I know I only have a very, very limited time to experience as much as possible.

foodandwinedownloadnow13So for the next eight Wednesdays, I am going to obsess like a mofo and share all of my crazy Food and Wine orders with you. Get ready to get hungry! YUM!

Argentina Booth
I don’t usually dig South American food, but that Grilled Beef Skewer with Chimichurri Sauce and Boniato Purée??  That’s been one of my favorite Food and Wine treats for the past three years, and I am absolutely going back for fourths at this year’s Fest.

Morocco Booth
Somehow, I managed to entirely miss this booth last year … or maybe I just hit it after one too many drinks? Either way, baklava? I AM COMING FOR YOU. And maybe I’ll drink a couple of Mimosa Royales, too … and completely forget that I visited the booth all together.

Belgium Booth
If you follow the blog, you know that my dream Epcot addition is a Belgium Pavilion. This booth? Sort of the next best thing. I’m going to need those Cast Members to hit me with both the savory (potato and leek with braised beef) and chocolate-drizzled waffles. Also? Pour me a Leffe Blonde, if you please.

Hawai’i Booth
This is my first SKIP IT. Because I just didn’t dig those sliders two years ago, and I’m absolutely not eating poke that’s been sitting in the Florida heat. So … more for you!

Want to learn more about the delicious offerings at this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival? Download a copy of the Disney Food Blog 2013 Festival Mini-Guide today!

And if you can’t get enough delicious Food and Wine tastes, head over to last year’s countdown to Food & Wine.

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