Flower & Garden Week: Welcome To Epcot

Flower & Garden Week (At Disney Again)This may sound crazy coming from a Disney blogger, but 2014 marked my first visit to the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival! I’ve visited in the weeks leading up to the Festival and have always enjoyed watching as the floral art begins to take shape, but I’ve never seen Epcot in full bloom.

She is beautiful!

I literally only spent about six hours enjoying her splendor a couple of weekends ago, but it was enough to convince me that an Epcot day in spring should be on everyone’s must do list! In fact, I liked it so much, and Dan from At Disney Again and I took so many amazing photos, that I’ve decided to present a whole week of content dedicated to the most lovely time of the year in Epcot.

The first glimpse of the Park is lovely, of course, but I am not sure if I’d have had such an incredible day if Disney hadn’t set the stage with an extra-magical welcome from two very special Epcot ambassadors.

Melissa, Will & Rose - 2014 Flower and Garden (At Disney Again)q

That’s me with Will Grower and Rose Petal. They’re, apparently, a regular fixture during Flower and Garden, zooming around Spaceship Earth in their beautifully decorated golf cart.

I know some people don’t love Streetmosphere characters, but I really love this kind of thing. Their costumes were spot on. And so were their hilarious hayseed accents. They joked with me about making my own Festival-appropriate hat (and about sniffing glue in the process), and they didn’t let the conversation go on too long as to become awkward. Just good times and (slightly off color) humor.

It’s one of those special touches that really makes me happy to be a Disney fanatic.

What’s your favorite bit of Flower & Garden magic? Tell us in the comments below! And make sure you come back throughout the week to see if it’s one of my favorites, too! 


All photos of this post were taken by my fiance, Dan, from At Disney Again.For more photos from 2014 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, visit his photo post.

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