Flower and Garden Week: Edna and Me

It’s finally here!

The 2015 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival officially kicks off today, so I thought it only appropriate to start the Festival here on MotM by introducing you to the lovely couple that welcomed me to the Fest last year:


Meet Edna and Will. They were last year’s EPCOT Flower and Garden Streetmosphere team, and they were irresistibly fun. We chatted for a few minutes, our conversation predictably full of gardening puns, before they had to speed off to welcome other guests to EPCOT.

Dan and I really did have such a wonderful time enjoying the non-food parts of last year’s Festival, and I’m definitely looking forward to the few hours (on a weekday!) we’re going to get to enjoy this year.

What’s your favorite thing about Flower and Garden? I can’t wait to see the new Elsa and Anna topiaries up-close. And maybe snap a selfie with Anna. And seeing my beloved Sleeping Beauty scene near France Pavilion. And … can’t wait!

Are you going to visit EPCOT during this year’s Festival? Roll call!