Flower and Garden Week: Ahhh! Real Monsters

Flower & Garden Week (At Disney Again)I don’t have kids. I actually hope to never have kids. Sometimes, I think Disney World would actually be better with no kids. But I get it. I really do.

That’s why I really appreciate when Disney does things like erecting playgrounds in EPCOT during Festivals … you know, to keep the kids corralled and to let them run out some energy.

Last year’s event included an homage to Monster’s University in the form of Mike & Sully’s Monstrous Garden. I didn’t get up-close and personal with the jungle gyms, but I did walk by it and appreciate the googly-eyed monster theme:

I can’t wait to see what they come up with for this year. Maybe a Big Hero 6 theme? Or an Inside Out playground? No matter what, I’m just glad there are some kid-friendly spaces.

What are you hoping to see this year? Think your kids will want to climb on a Maleficent-themed playground? Or maybe a live-action Cinderella jungle gym?