Flights of Wonder

Melissa Flights of Wonder 019I am afraid of birds. There. I said it. (Actually, I’ve said it before.) I have been working on it, surely. But until earlier this year, I’d never seen Flights of Wonder. Because that’s pretty much the worst place you could possibly take someone of the anti-avian persuasion.

The 25-minute show features more than 20 species of free-flying exotic birds, including hawks, falcons, macaws and parrots. The key word is “free-flying,” and in this case, that’s a synonym for “terrifying.” But I took my seats and focused on keeping my blood pressure steady.

And I really enjoyed myself! The stage in the Caravan Stage Theater is set like a crumbling Himalayan temple. It’s beautiful, and I loved searching out the details. And then there was the show’s co-host, Guano Joe. I got a laugh out of him because he, too, is afraid of birds. But like me, he comes around. (Mostly.)

I’ll admit: I was charmed by the birdies and Luke (the other co-host), especially the flyers who recycled on command. Cute! They could keep the parks clean with an army of those little dudes.

And then the most crazy, unbelievable thing happened: Dan got picked to go up on stage. And I watched from my seat, horrified, as a giant Bushy-Crested Hornbill flew at his head.

2015-11-23 13.03.24

Of course, he sat there, shooting at it (with his camera!) like a madman.

Far too soon, the show was over. But of course, Dan wanted to hang back and take some more photos, which turned out to be a blessing because the trainers bring the birds back out after the show! We got to see them up close and ask lots of questions.

Melissa Flights of Wonder 018

At the end of the day, I’m really glad I saw the show! It’s an original, opening-day attraction, and it’s really fun and funny. Plus, the theatre was very shady and cool, so it was a nice break from an otherwise hot day.

We timed our viewing to coincide with the end of lunch at Yak & Yeti, so it was an easy trek, but keep an eye on the show start times and be mindful of where you plan to be in the Park because the Caravan Stage is pretty deep in the center of the Park, and it can be a trek to get over there.

Have you ever seen Flights of Wonder? Let me know about it in the comments below!