February 23rd: Tracy’s Arrival Day

Day at a Glance: Arrival, check in to AKL, Brown Derby at 3:45, Fantastmic at 7:00.

Early this morning, Tracy will board a plane bound for Orlando International Airport (which, for some reason that Tracy does not understand, is abbreviated MCO…?) [Melissa’s Note: It’s abbreviated from its former name: McCoy Airforce Base.] Upon landing and taking the tram to the main terminal, she shall board a Magical Express Bus bound for Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Ideally she will be there before noon.

Tracy’s not sure what she’s going to do from noon until around 2:00 when her mother arrives from Vero Beach.  It might involve traveling to Animal Kingdom for a Yak Attack and a ride on Expedition Everest, but Tracy isn’t sure yet.  It might also just involve hanging out watching the animals on the savanna.  Or taking a dip in the pool if she can check in at this time–and if it warm enough.

But whatever Tracy does, she’s not going to have a big lunch.  Why?  Because Tracy and her mother have 3:45 lunch/dinner reservations at The Brown Derby.  This is part of the Fantasmic package that they’ve booked, so after dinner the two of them will explore DHS–a park that Tracy’s mom has not spent that much time in yet–and then head on over to the 7:00 showing of Fantasmic.

After Fantasmic, Tracy’s mom (hereby referred to as ‘Peggy’, because that’s her name) will likely return to the resort to sleep.  Tracy will likely return to Victoria Falls lounge for a drink and some quality time with the 3G on her iPhone.

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