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Beers and Ears Food and Wine App Review (Mouse on the Mind)

Finishing your Angry Orchard Hard Cider, you sigh with satisfaction, knowing you have only five more drinks on your journey around the Showcase… or was it seven?

Sometimes its hard to remember where you’ve been after the first few tastes, especially during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

That’s where Beers and Ears comes in.

Building off the success of their freshman app, they’ve made a trip around the World spectacularly easy to follow for the lushes and completionists among us. (Hands up if you’re both … we’re dangerous and should never travel together!)

When you first click into the app, it opens up onto a listing of all of the beers being offered at this year’s Festival. You can click on the radial button to check a beer off of your list or click on the name of the beer itself to learn more about that particular brew, including where you can find it.

The coolest part about this app? If you’re using the original Beers and Ears App to track the tall frosty ones you’ve tried in Walt Disney World, the items on your list will automatically be imported into this Food and Wine version! I was really surprised to see two beers I’ve tried pop up on the first page of my list by the power of iCloud.

Beers and Ears Food and Wine App list (Mouse on the Mind)


When you click on the “F&W Map” button, you’re whisked away to an overview of the Showcase. Like the original Beers and Ears App, this one relies on Google Maps to provide an overview of the World Showcase. Unlike its older brother, this app does not allow you to zoom out of the map—but it DOES let you zoom in. So be careful or you’ll end up with a close-up view of the Universe of Energy building and no way to zoom back out (unless you restart the app).

Beers and Ears Food and Wine App Map (Mouse on the Mind)


Once you’ve zeroed in on a booth you like, the app provides the full list of every beer being offered there. Here, we’ve decided to highlight the Brewer’s Collection booth so you can get an idea of what a full menu looks like.

Beers and Ears Food and Wine App Brewers Booth (Mouse on the Mind)


Whereas in Mexico, there’s only one sad, lonely beer to choose from.

Beers and Ears Food and Wine App Mexico (Mouse on the Mind)


Whether you click from the homepage or through the map, once you’ve selected your beer of choice, the app takes you to a dedicated page where you can learn a little bit about the beer, including where it’s from, how it’s made and where you can find it on property. What’s more, the app links into mobile-optimized reviews from the Beers and Ears website, which is a great touch.

Beers and Ears Food and Wine App Brewers Booth (Mouse on the Mind)


So whether you’re on a mission to try every single beer or you’re just trying to keep track of how much you’ve had to drink, this app is the perfect tool for an organized afternoon of drinking around the World Showcase. And with the new, free wifi capabilities in Epcot, it’ll be a breeze to use!

Do you use the Beers and Ears App? Tell us what you think in the comments below! 


App Name: Beers and Ears Epcot International Food and Wine Beer List (iTunes)
Developer: Beermouse Productions
Version: v1.0
Size: 2.1 MB
Available on: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.0 or later)
Price: Free
Overall: This’ll be a fun way to track your beer consumption during Food and Wine.