Fashion Friday: I Spy Mickey

Eagle-eyed guest blogger Hannah sent this my way earlier this week:

That’s a close up of Rose Byrne, actress, looking fetching in floral at the NY premiere of The Imortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a fascinating book that’s been made into an Oprah-fronted HBO mega-movie.

But who cares about any of that because she is wearing a Mickey ring, right?!


I thought so. And so did Hannah. For a little while at least. And then she found this:

It’s called a cluster ring, and it’ll set you back nearly $20,000. NBD.

Well, NBD if you’re a Hollywood actress and people all over the world are peeping your fingers and writing crazy shit about them on a Disney blog.

But whatever. I don’t care. In my mind, it’s all The Mouse.

What do you think? Mickey or nah? Let us know in the comments!

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