Fashion Friday: Something Very Blue

It’s almost Halloween, and — judging from the rumblings in my office cafeteria — women are abuzz with excitement about their costumes (the 20-somethings) and their kids’ costumes (the 40-somethings). Based on their increasingly animated murmurings, this year’s number one Halloween costume has got a whole lot of ice and snow going on.

But for many princesses, the dress-up fun goes well beyond Halloween and spills into the so-called “Happiest Day” of their lives. And Disney’s just as happy to take their money, creating even more bejeweled and taffeta’d costumes than the ones they sell for Halloween for fairy tale-seeking brides.

That’s right, Mouseketeers! Alfred Angelo revealed his latest take on majestic matrimonial style, and this year’s designs include a dress inspired by the Ice Queen herself:

Personally, I think the new dresses (you can see all of them on Stitch Kingdom) aren’t that great. Seriously. I’m not just being a dick … I thought 2014’s designs were way prettier, slightly more subtle and more well-themed to their specific princess. (The bustles on Belle’s dress, the cascading flowers on Rapunzel’s, the truly classic elegance of Snow White’s … just love!)

That said, it looks like all of their efforts really went into this Elsa-inspired dress. The details are quite lovely, and the cape is perfect. But it feels like an awful lot of wedding dress for the silhouette it’s designed for. I can’t imagine anyone but the smallest (and strongest) of brides being able to fill this one out and carry it around.

Apparently, the theme of this year’s collection was World of Color, and while I see what they did there, I feel like they too heavily relied on the rich colors we associate with each princess rather than imbuing the dresses with the personality of its namesake as they have in the past.

But if you’ve seen this year’s designs and just can’t Let It Go, you’ll be able to try them on at a bridal boutique near you starting in January.

Would you ever Disney Bound your own wedding? Let us know in the comments! 


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