Fashion on Friday: Princesses Through The Decades

I totally dig these fashion posts. As Dan from At Disney Again is fond of telling me, I see things in a way that’s uniquely me. And this time, I happened to be scrolling through some vintage photos when this post of Disney Princesses in different decades started to take shape in my Disney hindbrain …

Twiggy as Rapunzel

Model Twiggy does her best Rapunzel impersonation in 1966. I feel like that’s so the super mod shift dress Punze would wear in the 1960s.


Hawaiian woman as Lilo

A native Hawaiian on the set of the Elvis classic Aloha from Hawaii cuts a strangely precognitive image of Lilo in 1973.


Rita Wilson as Jessica Rabbit

Rita Wilson at the 1989 Oscars looking an awful lot like Jessica Rabbit. When asked why she loves Tom Hanks, she replied, “He makes me laugh.”


Model as Jasmine

A model rocks designer duds from Yves Saint Laurent in 1991. Also strongly reminds me of Princess Jasmine.


Madonna as Belle

At the 1998 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards, Madonna dresses up like a post-apocalyptic Belle. She really is a funny girl!

Do you see it? Am I crazy? And even if I am, it’s pretty, isn’t it?

What do you think? Do you see Disney everywhere … even on the runway? Let us know in the comments!