Fashion Friday: Kyra Sedgwick

I’m a huge fan of the TNT series Major Crimes, and an even bigger fan of its predecessor, The Closer. A big reason? Kyra Sedgwick played the title character of the original series with such quirky heart … loved it, and continue to love her. Who could have anything but love for the woman who married Kevin Bacon?

Anyway, whatever. I was peeping around on Getty images a couple of weeks ago, looking for some ideas for Fashion posts, and I got so excited when I noticed that Ms. Sedgwick dresses like a Disney Princess … if she grew up and got an office job. Dan likes to say she dresses as if she were Betty Draper Disneybounding, which tickles me.

As usual, you probably think I am crazy. But I love these posts.

Have a favorite actress (or actor, for that matter) who dresses Disney? Give me a shout in the comments below!