Fashion Friday: Travel in Style

When Marketplace Co-Op first opened at Disney Springs, we all knew that the shops inside would change from time to time. And if I had to guess at the time, I would have probably guessed that Zoey and Pickles wouldn’t last too long, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when Disney announced TAG was taking over Zoey’s old digs.

TAG – that’s Travel Accessories Gear, to you! – is all about traveling in retro style with Disney-themed luggage, passport wallets, dopp kits, organizers, luggage tags, eye masks … and everything you need to let your Mickey-flag fly on your travels to and from the Vacation Kingdom.

While I really love the retro style of the new merch, it’s mostly out of my price range … and I really don’t need high cost travel accessories (because after two years in a long distance relationship, I have become a travel pro and have mostly either already purchased or figured out how to low-cost hack things that I need). So, I won’t necessarily be shopping at TAG, but I definitely will be visiting. Because WOW! This is a great example of place setting:

The flight attendant mannequin is my bae … I hope when this popup shop closes down, an awesome Imagineer gets to keep the beautiful retro brooches on her uniform. (Or sends one to me. Whatever.)

The most absolutely best thing in the whole retro “airport”: The arrival/departure board, which was loaded with SHADE when we visited:

TAG 026

Allow me to explain: If you take a close look at the board, all of the items have a meaning. The shadiest: Flight SD2170 to Pudong is a reference to Shanghai Disney … and how behind schedule (delayed) the project is (like, maybe it won’t open until 2170?). And Flight CDJ90 to Lake Buena Vista being delayed is a commentary on how improvement work at WDW has been delayed while the work in Shanghai is happening.

But, okay, they’re not all shady comments on insider baseball … A few that immediately caught my eye:

Flight DC305 to Gordo Cay is a nod to Castaway Cay (which used to be called Gorda Cay before Disney came along).

Flight NW2013 to Arendele is delayed for weather … possibly because the Queen made everlasting winter.

And flight ED2007 to Andalasia is a nod to the awesome live action / animated feature Enchanted.

My fave: PD971 to Passamaquoddy is the flight Elliot may have taken before he became Pete’s Dragon.

And for something a little sexy: If you’re playing along at home, you’ll notice that the flight numbers are a reference to a Disney thing OR a movie (AL for Aladdin or DT for Duck Tales) followed by a year (1992 for Aladdin, 1987 for Duck Tales). The one that doesn’t fit that pattern: Flight SB2011 to the Enchanted Forest. It seems to be an obvious nod to Sleeping Beauty … but Disney’s Sleeping Beauty came out in 1959, not 2011. But! In 2011, there was an Australian film called Sleeping Beauty that was about (gasp!) sex workers! (It’s actually been in my Netflix queue for awhile, but I haven’t watched it yet.)

So much love for the hilarious folks who worked on this concept and this space. Awesome.

Have you shopped at TAG? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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