Fashion Friday: Star Wars and the Power of Costume (Part Two)

Last week, I started a conversation about an amazing event I attended a few weeks ago: the Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibition. But the exhibition was enormous, and I got tired before I finished talking about all of the many amazing costumes on display. So here we are this week, to finish what I started!

But before we do that, I want to make sure you know that there are literally 318 photos over on Dan’s site, At Disney Again. He and I were shooting like mad, trying to capture every last beautiful detail of the place, so I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Symbolism and Military Power

The TIE Fighter costume was so large and bulky in person. These Bucketheads are uniformed with a life support chest piece and breather tubes connected to the helmet to sustain life in the cockpit’s vacuum

A Battle Droid looked surprisingly wooden–odd, since I expected more of a lightweight metal.

Luke’s X-wing pilot costume is meant to evoke the orange jumpsuits worn by the U.S. Navy and Air Force from 1957-1969, and the straps hanging down are part of the parachute rig that was worn by those same soldiers.

Captain Gregar Typho wears the uniform of the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Jay Laga’aia, the actor who portrays Padme’s security guard, had this to say about the getup: “Once you get the costume on, it’s a regal feeling, because the costume is so restrictive, you’re forced to pull yourself up and forced to hold yourself with the shoulders back.”

The uniforms of the Senate Guard are futuristic though somehow familiar with beautiful velvet robes and a gleaming mask and helmet with a large plumed crest. Under their ceremonial robes, designed to blend into the formal setting of the Galactic Senate, they wear blue colored armor.

Boba Fett’s mostly green armor is battered, and like Boba’s catch-as-catch-can lifestyle, his armor is also a bit piecemeal, with custom, mismatched colors. His rig includes a jetpack, flamethrower and whipcord launcher. Inside the knee pads, he has rocket dart launchers, and the shoulders are adorned with braided trophies from those he has defeated. (Unrelated to his costume, but can we talk about how weird this kid’s life was? He was actually Jango’s clone, but he was raised as Jango’s son … whaaaaat?!)

Jango Fett–not Boba’s dad, exactly–was regarded as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. It’s why Count Dooku used him as the basis for all of the clones (duh!). In addition to his very well-kept armor, made of durasteel, Jango also wears a pair of customized blaster pistols with hollowed-out grips, a jetpack with built-in missile launcher, knives in his gauntlets and a flame thrower.

I have to say that, aside from Padme’s costumes, these bounty hunter rigs were my favorite part of the exhibition. These costumes are so richly and interestingly detailed, and though Boba and Jango aren’t featured in the Star Wars trilogies as much as some other characters, they’ve always captured my imagination.


This fierce little Jedi Master had a room all to himself, if you can believe it. Just Yoda. Chilling in the center of the room. Wearing his blissl, a musical instrument made of three pipes. I loved walking around him and checking out every detail of this amazing muppet. Even his cute little toe peeking out from under his robes. Adorbs!

The Force Awakens

For the showing at Discovery Times Square in New York, the exhibition included seven additional costumes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Poe Dameron’s X-Wing pilot uniform is clearly inspired by Luke’s—an orange jumpsuit with lots of cargo pockets as well as those parachute-style accessories. One of my favorite details is that his vest says “Pull to inflate” in Aurebesh—it’s a life jacket! So much love.

When we’re introduced to Rey, she’s scavenging for spaceship parts on Jakku, and her outfit reflects that: her arms are wrapped to protect them, and the gauze scarf she wears can be used for climbing or wrapped around her face during sandstorms. Her headwrap doubles as a sweater at night to chase away the chill. Her goggles are made from remnants of a Stormtrooper helmet, which is such a cool detail.

That’s it! So many amazing, amazing costumes. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!