Fashion Friday: Pretty Little Princesses

I’m not sure how much the Disney fandom crossed with the Pretty Little Liars fandom, but I know it has at least two members (myself and Hannah) … and PLL is ABC Family, so it’s all related, right?

If you’re a fan, I don’t need to tell you that this Tuesday’s episode was pretty epic, answering the key question we’ve been asking for five seasonS while simultaneously bringing up a million more. Very gratifying. As I watched (with Dan at my side and Hannah texting me furiously), we all noticed that when the Liars got dressed up for the episode’s main event … they were looking a bit like Disney characters:

And, as I was searching for photos from Welcome to the Dollhouse, I came across photos from UnmAsked, the season two episode where the girls attend the Masquerade Ball. And they were looking pretty Disney-inspired there, too …

PLL Masquerade Ball

As you can see, we have Spencer rocking a modern Belle; Emily with an Ariel-inspired gown; Hanna with a very Rapunzel dress; and Aria who is predictably unpredictable as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

It’s so weird to me that Emily’s outfits would resemble Ariel’s twice … because as any PLL fan knows, Emily is a swimming wunderkind. Flippin her fins, and all. But I guess it just makes good sense: Shay Mitchell has an absolutely banging body, and it’s well suited to long, low-cut, mermaid-style gowns.

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An extra special shout out to Pretty Little Liars Closet, a genius tumblr where I found photos of Tuesday night’s dresses … no one else had them up yet!

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