Fashion Friday: Pardon Our Pixie Dust

Here’s a fun bit of Disney fashion that you don’t see everyday. During a recent overnight visit at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, my friends Donald and Jamie (and their adorable daughter Cora) found this waiting for them in their room … Pardon Our Pixie Dust pins!!


For those who can’t read the note, it says:

Welcome home and thank you for being our Guest. We’d like to share appreciation for your patience while we’re working our magic around the Resort with these special keepsakes as our gift to you.

It’s just a tiny touch that says, we know construction sucks, but thanks for choosing to stay with us anyway, and it gives me the warm fuzzies. Lots of folks roll their eyes about the “Disney difference” and complain about how service has been “slipping” at the resorts, but things like this remind me that Disney is truly the best. It’s why I keep coming back to Orlando time and time again.

Have you ever gotten a tiny, unexpected gift from Disney? Tell us about it in the comments!