Fashion Friday: New York Comic Con

Last month, my hometown hosted New York Comic Con. I work, so I didn’t go. But I did look at all the pretty pictures! And here’s the deal: After two or three years of looking, obsessively, at all of the cosplays on display at the major cons, I am totally tired of seeing the same crap over and over. So I am not sharing those here. Instead, here are the interesting, original or somehow-especially-special costumes from NYCC:


Zombie Tony Stark and Zombie Cap are both totally out of left field and also super fun. The Walking Avengers? It’s a show I’d totally watch.

These gender-bending Marvel costumes totally stood out in my mind because these Rule 63 ladies (and one dude) are totally bringing the fierceness!

Crazy mash ups are always in my top five. Here, we have DeadPoo (hehehehhe) and every single character Johnny Depp has played … in one costume. I love it!

Talk about three rarely-seen characters! Gizmoduck, Tia Dalma and Davy Jones. Are you kidding?!? Props to these fine folks for being so creative.

These folks take the award for most detailed, most labor-intensive, most hell-yea costumes of the Con! First up, Ariel. But she’s not just any Ariel–she’s a warrior, wearing her father’s crown and wielding his trident. All I can say is WOW. At full resolution, you can see that this Disney-fan created each piece of her costume by hand, and the detail is exquisite.

We also have Cinderella, Cogsworth, Lumiere and Belle. I don’t know if the clock and the candlestick had their getups professionally made or if they are just that good, but these costumes are amazingly intricate and impressive.

Finally, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor. Can you imagine what it must have taken to put that together? And if that wasn’t amazing enough, this cosplayer walked all over the convention wearing this thing. It must weigh a ton! (Actually, according to the Internet, it weighs 95lbs and takes 20 minutes to put on!)


Who’d you be at Comic Con? Let us know your most creative ideas in the comments below!