Fashion Friday: Month of Mash Ups, Vol. 4

For the final week of this month’s series highlighting Disney cosplay mashups (click here for details), I’ve put together a few photos of really cool mashups that didn’t quite fit into any of the other characters … let’s see what you think …

Mortal Kombat Queens

If Anna and Elsa parlayed their energy and powers into becoming developing violent finishing moves … well, this is what it would look like.

DC Princess Villains

Suicide Squad … whaaaaaat? This is totally what it would look like if the Princesses decided to dress up as DC Villains for Halloween.


I just die over how cute both of these are! And before you tell me that Boba Fett wasn’t a stormtrooper, check yourself: Imperial records showed that Fett had served as a stormtrooper, but deserted after killing his commanding officer. (Boom!)

Which is your favorite cos?? I think those Muppets are pretty epic, myself …