Fashion Friday: Month of Mash Ups, Vol. 1

So by now, everyone knows how much I admire cosplayers, especially creative ones. And if you’ve been paying extra close attention, you’d know that the the most creative of all the cosplayers, in my opinion, are those who mash up two characters. Like Rapanakin Jedi and  PocaHANtas, which I’ve posted about before. So for the next four weeks, I am going to share some amazing, amazing cosplay mash ups with you. Starting with some really fierce Disney princesses …

Jedi Princesses

Got lightsaber? These Disney princesses-gone-Jedi certainly do! They will cut you … except maybe Jedi Aurora. (She looks pretty daffy.)

Warrior Princesses

All hard shells and sharp knives, these ladies put Xena to absolute shame. They’re ready for battle–are you?

What do you think of these battled-hardened beauties? Tell us in the comments below!

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