Fashion Friday: Met Gala Through The Years

The 2015 Met Gala was this past Tuesday!

Don’t know what the Met Gala is? The annual high-fashion event is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute and an opportunity for Hollywood’s elite to put on crazy amazing outfits and … do their best Disney character impersonation?

Not really. But it’s been known to happen. A lot. Actually, this year’s outfits were so insane that they didn’t resemble anything so much as the voices in some designer’s head. So, in honor of the crazy sartorial choices of the stars, we decided to celebrate some of the outfits from Met Galas past:

Emmy Rossum as Timothy (2006 Met Gala)

Doutzen Kroes as Cinderella (2010 Met Gala)

Zac Posen and Kate Mara as The Beast and Belle (2008 Met Gala)

Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Belle (2004 Met Gala)

J.Lo as Megara (2007 Met Gala)

Kate Bosworth as Scar (2010 Met Gala)

Taylor Swift as Giselle (2010 Met Gala)

Anna Wintour as Ursula (2008 Met Gala)

Alicia Keys as Dr. Facilier (2003 Met Gala)

So … which is your favorite? And which dresses did you love from this year’s Gala?