May The Fourth Be With You

Next Thursday is May the Fourth. The day all Star Wars fans rejoice and some even wear their Stormtrooper costumes to work. (I swear to Yoda, this happened one year. And, yes, he worked in IT.)

For those of us who didn’t drop $800+ on a costume we’re probably only going to wear thrice a year (at most), it’s up to us to share our Star Wars love in other (definitely less expensive) ways. Here’s a few suggestions:

Millennium Falcon Kite, $10 | Chop-sabers, $26 | Dark Side Targets, 3 for $6

R2D2 Crayons, 8 for $4 |  Sunshade, $10 | Mighty Mini Boba Charger, $5

R2D2 USB Charger, $20 | Cookie Cutters, 6 for $6 | Salt & Pepper Shakers, $17

Full disclosure: I desperately want those Dark Side Toilet Targets. For use in my home. That’s all I’m saying.

How do you plan to celebrate Star Wars Day? Let us know in