Fashion Friday: Happy Haunts Materialized

I teased this a bit in yesterday’s post, but I just absolutely love a Disney-inspired Halloween getup. And in honor of Haunted Mansion Week, I decided to pull together a gallery of some of my favorite Manse-inspired costumes and cosplays to inspire your Mickey’s Not So Scary style:

I am extra especially in love with this photo of Carrie from Disney Travel Babble, who dressed as Constance, the Black Widow Bride, in 2012:

Carrie as Constance (Disney Travel Babble)

Click through to her site for the whole costume, including an especially epic pair of shoes that have me absolutely dying.

Share your Disney-inspired Halloween costumes with me via melissa@mouseonthemind! And let me know what you thought of Haunted Mansion Week here at Mouse on the Mind!